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Identity Orchestration for Enhanced Security and Experience


12th October 2023


From 18:00 CEST


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

The Identity and Access Management landscape for customers and employees is continuously evolving. By staying ahead of market trends, Ping Identity and iC Consult assist organizations in building better, seamless, and secure digital experiences across various industries.

Join Ping Identity and iC Consult for an in-person dinner in Frankfurt on October 12th, to discover the advantages of Identity Orchestration in effortlessly deploying and implementing IAM and CIAM solutions. This engaging dinner will also feature discussions on several real-world customer use cases.


Key topics covered during the dinner include:

• Accelerating digital transformation by adopting an identity-centric approach for employees and customers

• Leveraging orchestration as the driving force behind a successful identity project

• Exploring complex use cases encountered by our existing customers

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