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Cyber Risk is a Business Risk - Navigating Uncertainties and Mindset Shifts


17th October 2023


Wembley Stadium


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

In today's digital age, the growing interconnectivity of businesses and the increasing sophistication of cyber threats have elevated cyber security to a critical business component. It is security’s responsibility to strike the delicate balance between ensuring robust security and fostering agility and innovation. All of this leads to the inescapable conclusion that any cyber risk is a business risk. With organisations facing an ever-evolving threat landscape, understanding security’s role within the business strategy is now paramount.

Join us for the private roundtable discussion where we will be asking:

- What are the most significant cyber-risk challenges facing your organisation today?

- How do you balance the need for robust security with the demands for agility and innovation?

- How do you effectively communicate security challenges in order to attain executive buy-in, budget, and integrate cyber security as a core component of the business strategy?

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