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Revolutionise Customer Experience with Generative AI and Conversational AI: Unlocking Quality and Accuracy


15th February 2024


From 18:00 GMT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

In the relentless pursuit of a competitive edge amid saturated markets, the integration of generative AI and conversational AI has emerged as a transformative force for customer interactions. Evidence already exists to underscore the potential for substantial improvements, setting the stage for innovative applications across industries. But before we can begin leveraging generative AI capabilities and reshaping customer engagement strategies, ethical considerations must take centre stage in guiding responsible AI implementation. By addressing biases, ensuring transparency, and fostering accountability, IT experts can equip themselves to navigate the uncharted territories of generative and conversational AI, keeping themselves ahead of the competition.

Join us for this private roundtable discussion where we will be asking:

• How can businesses strategically integrate generative and conversational AI to achieve a drive quality and personalised experiences?

• What ethical considerations should organisations prioritise when implementing generative and conversational AI?

• What are the best practices for leveraging AI capabilities to create sophisticated, context-aware interactions that resonate with customers?

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