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Ransomware Recovery - Be Prepared, not scared.


28th February 2024


From 18:00 CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

In a world where cyber and ransomware attacks are at an all time high and increasingly sophisticated, it's becoming ever more apparent that it's more a matter of if, not when an organisation will face such a threat.

... and if that organisation is yours, do you know how long it will take you to recover your data? Weeks? Days? Or minutes?

Join industry experts from around EMEA to discuss this challenge and the powerful recovery approach revolutionising IT strategy. From accelerated change management, pentesting, security control validations, and recovery of the whole application stack (data, compute, network, and application) from immutable sources into a production-grade store.

In this discussion we will discuss:

1. How many different tools do you currently use for Cyber Security and why so many?

2. How often do you run incident response exercises?

3. How quickly can you get you most critical applications back, in the event of a cyber incident?

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