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Data Democratisation Challenges: Navigating the Complex Path to an AI-Driven Enterprise


13th March 2024


From 18:00 GMT


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

With AI at the forefront of today's data-focused world, staying competitive means organisations of all shapes and sizes are looking to embrace the opportunities presented by these new technologies. However, getting AI off the ground is no simple task – before any organisation can call themselves AI-driven, they must first navigate the data democratisation challenge. The effectiveness of AI models is deeply intertwined with the quality and accessibility of training data. Without a democratised data approach, an organisation's AI potential will remain untapped.

- How can we make data more securely accessible and usable for everyone as the organisation grows and transforms?

- What are the best practices for creating and implementing effective data governance policies to manage data quality, consistency, and standardisation?

- How can we foster a data-driven culture for AI success, and how do we balance access with regulatory constraints & ethical issues for effective and responsible AI

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