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Basel III Endgame: Meeting the challenge of heightened standards in data regulation and reporting


20th March 2024


12:00 - ET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

The long-awaited implementation of the final components of the Basel III agreement will require banks to interpret new rules, assess their impact and address emerging data and technology requirements by July 2025. Heightened stress testing and risk data requirements, and expanded reporting rules and risk assessments, will present particular new challenges for regional banks. 


Join this roundtable as we discuss how banks are addressing the significant challenge of emerging data and technology requirements:


1. How can banks streamline processes to acquire and report on high-quality data from capital, loans and portfolios?

2. What’s the best approach for dealing with the challenge of legacy systems, data silos, poor data visibility and non-standard integrations?

3. How can your organization quickly and efficiently automate reporting to bake in Basel III compliance by design?

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