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Cloud migration success means looking – and learning – before you leap


21st March 2024


12:00 - CET


Rela8 Group Technology Leaders Club

As organisations implement new cloud strategies, they must ensure services continue to deliver the performance customers expect. New hybrid cloud approaches, require enhanced collaboration with vendors and heightened vigilance against security vulnerabilities. 


Cloud native networks and applications offer tremendous benefits: greater agility, faster release time, shorter time to market, lower costs and the potential for organisations to avoid vendor lock in.  


During this roundtable, we look at the trends that are driving these challenges, particularly the move to public and hybrid clouds, and examine how test and assurance can assure and support the new innovations and agile services running on cloud-native environments.


Visibility: visibility of service performance and security efficacy


Automation: Integrate with network and cloud platforms to drive automation


Analytics: Leverage machine learning powered analysis for insights


Join us for this private roundtable where we will be asking:


1. Can you test and monitor all different layers from infrastructure to application effecting your service performance?

2. Is your organization and automation strategy ready to leverage increasing speed of automation?

3. How do you plan to collect data sets for your ML training?

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