July 2019

CTO Cloud Meet-up

Join us and a group of your peers in Munich on the 26th June for this interactive Cloud Meet-up to share how we think digital needs to be redefined and its impact on new business models, talent management and leadership

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How do you help identify & mitigate business risks?

There are a multitude of factors unique to each company that must be considered when assessing resilience to cyber threats. The most important of those, and the most often overlooked, is inherent risk.

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External Threats, Internal Pressures: A Survival Guide for the Modern CISO

Recent research has shown that all CISOs consider their role stressful, with 91% of those questioned suggesting the level of stress to be moderate or high. 60% say they rarely disconnect, while a quarter believes their job has impacted upon their mental or physical health.

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What Does it Mean to be a Data Company?

Data is the fuel powering today’s financial services ecosystem. The ability to convert data into competitive advantage securely and at speed is shaping up to be the next battleground for customer acquisition, retention and market share.

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Securing Your Digital Evolution, Beyond Digital Transformation

Many organisations have bought into the idea of using technology to overcome business challenges. For those that embarked on their digital transformation some time ago, the focus is no longer on using IT to transform their business. It’s now on implementing technology to make it even better. It’s time to start talking about a “Digital Evolution”.

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The Transformative Effect of Data Science and Machine Learning in the Fight Against Cyber Threats

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. Adversary tactics are fluid, continually in search for points of weakness. At the same time, security environments are becoming fragmented, as dizzying numbers of alerts mount up from varied and sometimes conflicting sources, overloading already hard-pressed security teams.

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The CISO’s Dilemma: Where Are The Skills?

For any CISO, making sure that the security team have the required skills to face down threats is critical. But how do you know for sure the skills that are present and those that are missing? How do you prioritise progression and retention? How do you prioritise spend on technology versus skills development?

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Protection, Privacy and Peace of Mind for Security-First Organizations

The modern CISO has plenty to worry about: malware, ransomware, insider threats, IoT proliferation, phishing, public cloud security, shadow IT—the list goes on. In high risk and highly regulated sectors, security and privacy often supplant cost and efficiency as the top IT priorities, putting even more pressure on CISO performance.

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Using DNS to Gain Visibility and Take Control

Very often, your enterprise network relies on a vast assortment of security devices and solutions, each generating their own alerts. More often than not, security teams don’t have the resources to address every one of them in a timely manner.

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Fighting the Cybercriminal who Operates Like a Business

Cybercriminals have figured out how to bypass our perimeter defences by targeting the most vulnerable part of any enterprise: the humans. They have also increased their success rates by 63% using identity-based email attacks, according to our intelligence sources.

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Identity Governance puts You in Control

Identity is quickly becoming a board-level issue as organizations continue their digital transformation journey, open their organizational borders and move to the cloud. As a result, the need to provide simple, secure user access, control and IT efficiency across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments is now more important than ever.

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Direct Marketing in the 21st century: is it strictly digital?

Understanding customers has clearly been proven to profit, making it attractive to businesses. And consumers have been willing to offer their data for a service worth 10x it’s perceived value (according to a Google study). But this transaction can come at a cost. With personalisation, isn’t there a fine line between convenience and surveillance?

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