Basel III Endgame: Meeting the challenge of heightened standards for risk management, data aggregation and reporting

Virtual Event, USA , United States

The long-awaited implementation of the final components of the Basel III agreement will require banks to interpret new rules, assess their impact and address emerging data and technology requirements by July 2025. Heightened stress testing and risk data requirements, and expanded reporting rules and risk assessments, will present particular new challenges for regional banks. Join […]

Shaping Financial Services CX with Next-Gen Customer Communications

Private Dinner London London, United Kingdom

As we navigate through an era defined by digital innovation, customer expectations are reaching unprecedented heights. The financial sector, traditionally known for its conservative nature, needs to embrace this shift towards customer engagement. This transformation is not merely about adopting new technologies; it's about revolutionising the very fabric of how financial services communicate, connect, and […]

Cloud migration success means looking – and learning – before you leap

Virtual Event, London London, United Kingdom

As organisations implement new cloud strategies, they must ensure services continue to deliver the performance customers expect. New hybrid cloud approaches, require enhanced collaboration with vendors and heightened vigilance against security vulnerabilities. Cloud native networks and applications offer tremendous benefits: greater agility, faster release time, shorter time to market, lower costs and the potential for […]

How to Achieve Over 99% Global Connectivity for Your Cellular IoT Project

Wembley Event Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom

Achieving over 99% global cellular connectivity for your IoT device is harder than it sounds. A major global survey of over 1000 enterprises found that 80% of IoT projects fail and to make matters worse only 1% are achieving better than 98% connectivity across their entire estate. Eseye consistently achieves greater than 99% connectivity for […]

Optimizing Hybrid Cloud: Maximizing Returns and Managing Costs

Wembley Event Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom

In today's fast-paced tech landscape, hybrid cloud infrastructure is essential for competitive organisations. While it offers significant advantages, navigating its complexities and cost implications can be challenging. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated cloud adoption for remote work and scalability, but rising inflation is now driving a renewed focus on cost control through cloud consolidation. Join us […]

The Future of AI and Humans in the Enterprise

Private Dinner London London, United Kingdom

What will the enterprise look like in 3 years? As enterprises brace themselves for the road ahead, they face significant hurdles: soaring inflation and interest rates, disrupted supply chains, and the incredible rise of generative AI. The landscape is rapidly transforming and the reality of the future may be that the balance between technological innovation […]

Modernizing Identity Fabric Strategies in a Hybrid Cloud Environment.

Virtual Event, USA , United States

Identity and Access Management (IAM) has been a frustrating topic for most organizations for the past few decades. What is needed is a versatile solution that is complementary across existing on-premise and SaaS-based identity infrastructure and modern cloud-based IAM systems, to help connect identity solutions to work better together to achieve security and compliance. Join […]

Unleash the potential of generative AI tailored to meet the unique needs of strategic IT leadership. Explore how AI and automation can streamline IT service management, boost efficiency, and drive innovation.

Private Dinner London London, United Kingdom

This exclusive roundtable is tailored to meet the needs of IT leadership. We'll explore: • How can generative AI empower IT leaders to drive innovation and strategic decision-making? • Why is generative AI crucial in optimizing IT service management processes and achieving organizational goals? • How can IT leadership effectively integrate generative AI into their […]

Winning Gen Z: Ways to Build Marketing Strategy that Actually Works Top 2024 Trends for Brands to Spark Passion, Deliver Value, and Build a Loyal Customer Base

Virtual Event, USA , United States

Discover the top trends that brands are using this year to win new, loyal customers. From innovative technologies to experiential marketing, get insight into how leading brands are refocusing their priorities to expand their customer base and win lifelong advocates. Join us for this private, closed-door virtual roundtable where we’ll be taking a deeper look […]

The State of Industrial Cyber Security #1

Wembley Event Wembley Stadium, London, United Kingdom

Learn more about where your organisation benchmarks against the rest of the industrial cyber security sector. Join us to explore industry challenges faced in 2023, their impact to OT security programs, and priorities moving forward. 1.How are ransomware attacks impacting your OT environments? 2.How are Industry regulations and standards are driving OT security priorities and […]