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Beyond Digital Transformation: “Securing Your Digital Evolution”


13th June 2019


The Mandarin Oriental


Digital transformation can mean one thing to one business and something totally different to another. Depending on a business’s objectives, it can mean anything from personalisation to rethinking an organisations’ business model.

The components of digital transformation are essential processes that can help to keep business competitive and driven by innovation. Many organisations have bought into the idea of using technology to overcome business challenges. For those that embarked on their digital transformation some time ago, the focus is no longer on using IT to transform their business. It’s now on implementing technology to make it even better. It’s time to start talking about a “Digital Evolution”.

Whatever point businesses are at with their digital transformation, security stands out as a common concern across all verticals. From securing autonomous vehicles and all manner of IoT devices, to 5G machine computing, the question remains:

-Is security at the forefront of our “Digital Evolution” strategy?

-How do we secure new technologies transforming businesses and our everyday lives?

-Should we aggregate security to the network rather than to each individual device?

-Where in the network do we do that, at the edge or at the core?

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