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The Modern SOC - Uniting MDR with Microsoft® Azure Sentinel and Defender XDR


17th March 2021


East Coast - USA
12-1.30pm EST


New approaches to cybersecurity are needed more than ever!

The exponential growth in remote employees and the acceleration of digital transformation initiatives have expanded the attack surface for companies big and small. Security teams that are already stretched struggle to cobble together integrated solutions consisting of technologies from multiple vendors, many of which were only designed to operate in legacy environments. Integration complexities, a lack of security resources that can force painful compromises, and unrelenting attacks from cybercriminals have made securing the organization a seemingly unattainable goal.

Today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks are no longer exclusive to endpoints. They are multi-faceted and target identities, email, infrastructure, cloud platforms, servers, databases and more. Endpoint-centric detection and response solutions alone do not provide the visibility and response capabilities required to identify and neutralize broader attacks.

Evolve your security at the same pace as your business

  • Maximize and operationalize your security tools and investments so you can spend more time addressing IT requirements to grow your business
  • Deploy automation to make better, faster decisions without expending additional resources

During the Virtual Roundtable we will take a closer look at:

1. How do you ensure your organization and security vendors are able to meet the demands of a digitizing economy and next-gen cyber threats?

2. What are effective ways to ensure your organization is maximizing its security investment while also operationalizing your current tools?

3. How do you contribute to business success with cost-effective security investments appropriate to your company’s risk appetite?

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