News and Trends – 20th May 2024

Every 2 weeks we pick out newsworthy and trending content from around the world for CISOs and CDOs and the world of technology in general.

This edition looks back at 10 security risk updates you might have missed at RSA plus emphasising the critical role of data management and AI in modern organizations. The rise of specialized roles like the CDAO and Chief AI Officer indicates a strategic focus on integrating data and analytics to drive business success. Additionally, the challenges in AI adoption highlight the need for robust data management practices and investment in technology and skills.

  1. 10 Risk-Related Security Updates You May Have Missed at RSA – This article highlights ten significant security updates from the RSA Conference that are crucial for addressing modern cybersecurity risks. Key updates include advancements in AI for security, improved risk management tools, and innovations in identity protection. Vendors emphasized the integration of AI to enhance threat detection and response, the importance of managing third-party risks, and the necessity for continuous monitoring to protect against evolving threats​.
  2. Cyber Resilience: A Business Imperative CISOs Must Get Right – The article discusses the critical role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) in ensuring cyber resilience. It emphasizes that cyber resilience goes beyond traditional security measures to include the ability to recover quickly from cyber incidents. CISOs must focus on proactive risk management, incident response planning, and fostering a security-aware culture within their organizations. The piece underscores the importance of aligning cyber resilience strategies with business goals and ensuring executive support for these initiatives​​.
  3. Many CISOs Don’t Feel They Get the Right Respect from Their Board – This article explores the disconnect between CISOs and their boards of directors. Many CISOs feel undervalued and believe that their expertise in cybersecurity is not adequately recognized by top executives. This lack of respect can hinder effective communication about security risks and necessary investments. The article calls for better alignment between CISOs and board members, advocating for increased education and awareness about the importance of cybersecurity at the executive level​​.
  1. Putting the ‘A’ in CDO: The Rise of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer -This article discusses the emerging role of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer (CDAO) as data and analytics become increasingly intertwined in organizations. The CDAO is responsible for overseeing data management and analytics, helping companies leverage data for strategic advantage. This role aims to bridge the gap between data management and analytics, ensuring that data insights drive business decisions. The rise of the CDAO reflects the growing importance of data-driven strategies in the financial sector and other industries​​.
  2. NASA Names CDO David Salvagnini First AI Chief – NASA has appointed David Salvagnini as its first Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, a role designed to enhance the agency’s AI capabilities. Salvagnini, who is also the Chief Data Officer, will lead efforts to integrate AI into NASA’s missions, improving data analysis, decision-making processes, and operational efficiency. This move underscores NASA’s commitment to advancing its technological infrastructure and leveraging AI for space exploration and research​​.
  3. Exasol Finds AI Underinvestment Leads to Business Failure, But Data Challenges Stall Rapid Adoption – A report by Exasol highlights that underinvestment in AI can lead to business failures, yet many organizations face significant challenges in rapidly adopting AI technologies. These challenges include data quality issues, integration complexities, and a lack of skilled personnel. Despite recognizing AI’s potential to drive innovation and efficiency, businesses often struggle with the foundational aspects of data management that are critical for successful AI implementation​.
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