News & Trends – 1st July 2024

Every 2 weeks we pick out newsworthy and trending content from around the world for CISOs and CDOs and the world of technology in general.

This edition looks at how airline passengers were tricked with a fake in flight Wi-Fi network, how CISOs are increasingly accepting higher levels of risk as they balance it alongside business objectives and the evolution of enterprise architecture (EA) from a design-centric approach to a data-driven one.

  1. Police allege ‘evil twin’ in-flight Wi-Fi used to steal info – Australian Federal Police have arrested an individual for using an “evil twin” attack to steal passengers’ data via in-flight Wi-Fi. The attacker set up a fake Wi-Fi network that mimicked the legitimate airline network, tricking users into connecting and exposing their personal information. This incident highlights the growing risk of cyber attacks targeting in-flight connectivity.
  2. CISOs becoming more comfortable with risk levels – A survey reveals that Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) are increasingly accepting higher levels of risk as they balance security measures with business objectives. This shift indicates a broader understanding of risk management and a move towards more strategic, business-aligned security practices. The article discusses how this evolving mindset is reshaping the role of CISOs.
  3. Inside the Mind of a CISO: Survey and Analysis – A survey of 209 security leaders by Bugcrowd reveals key insights into the priorities and perspectives of modern CISOs. Notable findings include the importance of building a security brand, favorable views on ethical hacking, and the significant role of CISOs in small teams. The report also addresses myths about AI readiness and the diverse opinions on AI’s risks and benefits. The survey emphasises the evolving and multifaceted nature of the CISO role.
  1. Enterprise Architecture: From Design-Driven to Data-Driven – This article discusses the evolution of enterprise architecture (EA) from a design-centric approach to a data-driven one. It emphasizes the importance of automated tools for modern EA practices, which focus on data and insights to make better portfolio decisions. The shift involves integrating various IT tools and systems to provide comprehensive analytics, moving away from traditional visual design tools to a more report and dashboard-centric methodology.
  2. Federal Government Needs AI-Ready Data Standards, Commerce CDO Says – The Commerce Department’s Chief Data Officer emphasises the need for standardised, high-quality data to enable effective AI implementation across federal agencies. The article highlights the challenges of data management and the importance of establishing clear standards to ensure data is accessible, reliable, and usable for AI applications. The discussion includes the broader implications for federal digital transformation and the critical role of data governance.
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