April 2024 Newsletter

This month, our team has been busy hosting a variety of engaging events that sparked lively discussions. In London, we organised two thought-provoking dinners – one with Alteryx delving into the ‘Future of AI and Humans in the Enterprise’, and another with Ivanti exploring the ‘Potential of Generative AI to Meet the Strategic Needs of IT Leaders’.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, we also joined forces with IBM for a virtual roundtable on ‘Modernising Identity Fabric Strategies in a Hybrid Cloud Environment’, which deeply resonated with our community’s concerns.

Thank you to all attendees for their valuable insights and active participation, as well as our partners for their continued support in facilitating these enriching conversations.

If you’re interested in joining us for future events, be sure to check out our calendar of upcoming events.

Exciting News From The Technology Leaders Club​​​​​​

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made some fantastic updates to the Technology Leaders Club website, aimed at enhancing accessibility and user experience for our vibrant community of tech leaders.

Check out our revamped Events page here. Explore our latest offerings and stay informed about upcoming gatherings, insightful discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities.

But wait, there’s more! We’re constantly working behind the scenes to bring you even more exciting updates and features in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements as we continue to evolve and grow together as a community.

Join us on this journey of innovation and collaboration – visit our website today and stay tuned for what’s to come.

Blog | Key Cyber Security Challenges As Chosen By Our Community ​​​​​​

At their session for our TLC Connect Global Benelux event, our partners over at Tanium asked the Technology Leaders Club community what they saw as being their key security challenges.

With a mix of challenges new and old, it just goes to show that cyber security is never as simple as whatever the current trends may suggest! Thank you to the attendees of TLC Connect Global Benelux for sharing their insights, and thank you to Tanium for challenging the community to put their heads together and tackle some of their biggest issues.

Check out some of what the community highlighted below.

Read The Full Blog Online >>

TLC Connect Global UK Edition – 22nd – 23rd October​​​​​​

Mark your calendars for the upcoming TLC Connect Global UK Summits designed for both CISOs and CDOs. Taking place on the 22nd and 23rd October, these summits promise an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the forefront of cyber security and data strategy.

Join industry luminaries as they share insights and visions for the future, with illuminating keynotes, interactive panel discussions, and invaluable networking sessions tailored specifically for CISOs and CDOs.

Whether you’re seeking to fortify your organisation’s security posture or leverage data for strategic advantage, these events offer the perfect platform to gain actionable insights and forge meaningful connections.

Don’t miss out – register now and take your leadership to new heights!

Global Tech Summits: Find Out More >>

What’s Coming Up In May 2024? ​​​​​​

Dive into an exciting array of May events. Get ready for thought-provoking virtual roundtables and captivating private dinner discussions tackling pressing challenges like “Harnessing AI to Accelerate Innovation” and How Can UK Businesses Stay Secure in the Age of AI Phishing Attacks“.

Our calendar is packed full with opportunities for tech leaders like you to amplify your expertise, connect with top-tier professionals, and lead the charge into the future.

And if that wasn’t enough, our lucky delegates will be heading down to London at the end of the month to enjoy an unforgettable VIP Wembley box experience where they be discussing “The Impact of Next-Generation Analytics”, followed by VIP seats to watch Manchester City and Manchester United go head-to-head in the Emirates FA Cup Final.

Don’t miss out – sign up now to stay ahead of the curve and connect with fellow industry trailblazers.

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