News and Trends – 7th May 2024

Every 2 weeks we pick out newsworthy and trending content from around the world for CISOs and CDOs and the world of technology in general.


  1. “Bridge the Communication Gap: C-Suite Urges Cyber Pros to Simplify Technical Jargon” – The article highlights the importance of effective communication between cybersecurity professionals and C-suite executives by avoiding technical jargon. It emphasizes the need for cyber experts to translate complex technical concepts into language that is easily understandable for non-technical stakeholders. This approach fosters better collaboration, enhances decision-making, and strengthens the organization’s overall cybersecurity posture.
  2. “Three Quarters of CISOs Prioritize App Security, Yet Challenges Persist”
    Despite the majority of CISOs prioritizing application security, challenges such as resource constraints and organizational buy-in hinder their efforts. The article explores key findings from a recent study on CISO priorities and challenges.
  3. “Microsoft Expands Security Leadership, Adds Deputy CISOs to Product Groups”
    Microsoft expands its security leadership by adding Deputy CISO roles to product groups. This move underscores the company’s commitment to enhancing security across its product portfolio.


  1. “The Biggest Challenge for Chief Data Officers: Gaining Colleague Understanding”
    Chief Data Officers face challenges in gaining colleagues’ understanding of their role and responsibilities within organizations. This article explores strategies for overcoming this hurdle and maximizing the impact of CDOs.
  2. “Top Trends in Data, AI, and Analytics for 2024: Focus on Data Literacy and AI Democratization”
    The article highlights key trends in data, AI, and analytics for 2024, emphasizing the importance of data literacy and the democratization of AI. These trends are expected to shape the future of data-driven decision-making.
  3. “Improving Customer Service: Addressing Costly Deficiencies”
    This article discusses the significant financial impact of poor customer service and the need for organizations to address deficiencies. By focusing on improving customer service, companies can enhance customer satisfaction and drive business success.

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